Do Not Let Your Feelings Dictate The Outcome

A woman’s emotions are probably at the top of God’s list for her to work through to find truth. Her emotions are quite possibly the main reason for a woman to do the things she does, rather than being rooted in truth and properly discerning her choices. Our feelings are not always based on the truth, in fact most often they are not, and can be very misleading.

Satin’s lies often begin whispering to us that we have been cheated out of something as wives and mothers that keeps us from being happy.

Satan May Whisper Things to You Like:

·       Your husband should give you his undivided attention.

·       Your husband should make more money.  

·       Your husband will never be the man of your dreams.

·       Your husband will never change.

·       Your husband is a slob.

·       Your husband doesn’t help you raise the kids properly.

·       Your children will never learn to respect you.

·       Your children will never listen to you.

·       Your children will not succeed in their lives.

·       Your children will never get over depression, anxiety, or any other struggle.

When you keep listening to lies from the devil, eventually, you will get caught up in your own emotions and believe them. You may be misled believing there is no hope left for you or your family and make destructive choices that overtime lure you away from them. I encourage you to keep believing in God’s promises and do not let your feelings dictate your outcome.

Eve began listening to lies too and started to lust after the forbidden fruit, she began daydreaming of the satisfying, sweet and juicy flavor flowing over her tongue. She believed that if she ate the forbidden fruit that she would know everything and not need God to learn from anymore. She thought it would be a good thing to eat this fruit because she would know all things. She ran with her emotions, as if they were true, and believed in a lie that would allure her to make a bad choice to eat the fruit. She honestly believed it would make her life full, and complete. She had fallen for the lies and sinned against God and involved her husband in her sin too. He gave into the temptation and listened to his wife to see if he would experience what she said she would too. After they ate, they both realized they had disobeyed God. They were sinners and were now ashamed. To cover their shame, they tried to hide from God, but God came only to reveal what they had done to show them the truth.

Eve had to face the truth and acknowledge that her emotions led not only herself, but her husband into sin. She had many strong feelings about what she thought eating the fruit would do for her life that urged her to go ahead and eat it. She lacked the faith and obedience to follow God’s will and to be able to manage her emotions accordingly. God often deals with the deception of women’s emotions one at a time, just as God did for Eve. When God asked Eve to be honest about what she had done she answered truthfully and said, “I was deceived by the serpent, and I ate the fruit.” The more Eve realized that her thoughts and emotions were wrong, the better she could identify why she behaved the way she did. Acknowledging her sin was the first step out of the deception she suddenly found herself in. After her genuine means of honesty and repentance there was God’s forgiveness, and a promise of hope that she would bear good fruit, have children, and one day, be in eternity with God.

To guard yourself from being in a life of deception, you must first admit to your wrong doings and step towards repentance and redemption. To manage your emotions, you must be rooted in truth to discern God’s will. You must understand your weaknesses beforehand to guard yourself against them. If you are seeing that your emotions have led you to do things you know that you shouldn’t have, just as Eve had, you can be determined not to be enslaved to your unstable feelings. Change is not always easy, especially when learning new thought patterns or undoing bad habits, but if you want to live in peace and be emotionally stable, be honest with the truth about your emotions to understand why you feel the way you do, and why you may have gone down a destructive path with your life. Sin leaves us with a bad conscience, a feeling deep within that tells us something is wrong, an unsettled feeling that will not go away, unless we face it, and deal with our problem of sin.  

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