Breaking The Cycle of Abuse

Mothers can be abusive role models and not even be consciously aware of it. They may pass on generations of abuse due to their own past.

Many of them have also suffered from the bad examples of role modeling, by parents and educators that failed to meet their essential needs. It took years for me to realize that my so called “role models” failed to be a good example for me, and were unable to meet my basic needs because of their own personal pain, addictions, fears, and anxieties. Somewhere along the line as an adult however, it is important to stop blaming everyone and everything else for a painful past.

A willingness to take accountability for our own thoughts and actions allows us to take control of our own lives and break the cycle of self-imposed suffering.

While there are many types of abuse and mistreatments that cause us to suffer, God is always waiting to help, regardless of who is to blame.  I can almost guarantee that most of us have experienced some level of mistreatment while growing up, whether it be from a parent, a teacher, a relative, or friend.

We all have been a victim, at one time or another as we journey through life, but we must finally take the opportunity to overcome the past and break the cycle of abuse and suffering.

We must begin to discover new paths for our lives, by taking the right action steps of submitting to God’s will. The amazing news is that God longs to come and rescue us from our troubles.

When my daughter ran away and God found me feeling completely hopeless as a mother, He showed me that I must confront my own painful issues with His truth and stop trying to mask it. For every woman the mask will look a bit different, but no matter what kind of pain we have suffered, God wants us to remove our masks, and face the truth about the pain we hide behind that causes us to hurt our children too.

We must renew our minds in the Word of God and begin to learn parenting skills that ensures we will not become an abusive parent and pass on behaviors that lead to neglectful or abusive family patterns.

God wants to set us free … free to heal, free to love, free to forgive, and free our family from the cycles of abuse, by first, facing the truth about our own thoughts and behaviors.

Those searching for the truth about the pain, suffering, tragedy, and loss in their lives must be willing to reflect upon themselves, their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. This is essential for taking the personal responsibility required for healing and family restoration.

Nothing in life will begin to change until we do.

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