Steps Wives Can Take to Save Their Marriages

There are women who are pursuing divorce because they think the problems they have are all their husband’s fault. They make the problems seem like they are all about how badly their husband’s behaviors are, when the truth is that I have witnessed these women failing to do their part to help save their marriages. They would rather refuse to admit what they have failed to do right, and deny ever being a part of the problem to begin with.

Women who have not done their part to help save their marriages are absolutely part of the problem!

Women need to stop denying the truth about their behaviors and get more serious about what they can do to help save their marriages.

Here are some practical ways to begin today to help save your marriage:

-Have faith in Jesus.

-Confess your sins to God and ask for forgiveness.

-Study the Word of God

-Develop a personal relationship with Him, by obeying Him in spirit and in truth.

-Develop God’s perspective on marriage. Everything you need to know about marriage, and your role as a wife, comes from the Bible.

-Recite the Promises of  God over your life and marriage daily.

-Put faith in God’s plans for marriage. Trust His plans are far better than yours.

-Pray to be free from the spirit of division.

-Consider the detrimental consequences of divorce for generations to come.

-Make the decision to commit wholeheartedly the marriage.

-Pray for marital direction and purpose.

-Know the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

-Sincerely apologize for any hurt you caused.

-Be patient and kind.

-Change selfish attitudes and behaviors.

-Manage emotions properly.

-Learn specific roles as respectful, submissive wives.

-Pray for ways to improve on personal growth.

-Learn to have joy and contentment.

-Develop a servant’s heart.

-Pray for your husband.
-Accept that husbands have many faults.

-Forgive, just as God forgives.

-Avoid using sex as a weapon to control and manipulate.

-Stop denying affection.

-Avoid comparing husbands to the ideal man.

-Learn how love your own husbands. Learn what they like and dislike.

-Let your actions be a godly example.

-Focus on things that are worthy.

-Manage money and homes properly.

-Learn to be a good listener.

-Learn to communicate in a respectful manner.
Speak the truth in love.

-Make personal decisions that reflect what is in the best interest of your marriage.

-Sacrifice is necessary.

-Learn to collaborate on big decisions.

-Avoid strife.

-Seek wise counsel through a support system, where  decision-making is guided by the Word of God.

-Pursue the kind of peace God offers.

And remember…

“The Lord is always Near! Do not be anxious about anything. Instead, in every situation with prayer and petition with thanksgiving, tell your requests to God. And the peace that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:6.

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