Come Back Home

After nearly a decade, I am so happy to annouce that my book is finally published! Come Back Home: Finding The Love We Lost

Description: With miles between them, the lives of both mother and daughter parallel when they find they are lost, searching for life’s meaning, and far from their loved ones. Although the secrets they hide nearly destroy their family, both manage to find faith and hope to overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds they face.

On the surface, Jeannie seems to have the perfect family, wealth, and all the luxuries of the “American Dream”, but when her daughter runs away from home, the hidden truths of a struggling marriage, infidelity, and the realization of personal emptiness become too much for her to hide anymore.

Leaving her husband and chasing her dreams by following her daughter from New York to California, she comes face to face with the realities of her fantasies that have tormented both herself and her loved ones. When her entire life comes crashing down after learning that her perfect soulmate is a hoax, she finally hears God calling her to discover the true meaning of her life and to come back home. As she realizes the mistakes of her past, and the deceitful beliefs she has held onto since childhood, she turns to God for the answers and forgiveness that elude her.

Despite great difficulties, she begins to face the issues and lies responsible for years of unfulfillment. Holding onto faith and hope, the depth of her trouble does not hinder God’s ability to restore everything she and her family have lost, while opening new doors for so much more. Broken lives and relationships mend through the unexpected changes provided by the only One who can save them.

Top review from the United States


5.0 out of 5 stars

What a ride!

Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2023

Jeannie takes the reader on a surprising path with multiple twists and turns.
Hold on through the 1st half of this book because it builds into an unexpected 2nd half.
Her daughter was a runaway, but who actually did the running?
Could not put it down once I started reading.

What a ride!

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