Getting Into The Mind of A Prodigal Wife

A prodigal wife runs as a way out, a way to escape the troubles she fails to see within herself and will do most anything to deny her part of destroying her relationship(s) by putting the entire blame on them.

When the relationship with her husband fails to satisfy her, she runs away to find her fantasy of the perfect man (or perfect life) to be everything she wants and needs. She pursues her next victim to try to control and manipulate, to do whatever she wants as a way of temporarily making herself feel happy and whole again.

This man is expected to be her emotional slave. She tries to capture his soul, and make him an extension of her own needs and feelings. He is seen as an object for her to control, as a means to get what she wants from him. She leeches on and tries to drain the life out of him to satisfy her every whim. The energy she has stolen from him is only used to fill her ego. The sole reason for his existence will be to fulfill her needs; nothing more, nothing less. The personal choices he makes in the relationship are a threat to her when things don’t go her way, and only reflects the deeper issues within herself. 

Whether it be a constant need for his approval, or blaming him when he fails her expectations, she depends on him to be an endless supply of the personal security and identity she lacks in her life.  If he doesn’t respond how she wants, she could end up being consumed with bitterness and rage.

She is always up against feelings of being desperate, rejected, helpless, powerless, worthless, and ashamed, amongst other things. She
makes his decisions all about how it affects her without caring about his needs. She needs to be the center of the universe. It is unacceptable that he has a life other than one that suits her selfishness, and eases her insecurities. When this “perfect” man inevitably fails to be her superhero, reality hits her square in the face, but she will only deny the truth, and try desperately to blame him for making her feel miserable in some way.

Only when she is finally ready to look in the mirror and face reality, will she see herself for the first time. She will become painfully aware of her own actions and then have to actually do something about these things and remedy them. She will have to go the extra mile to undo the damage she has caused for herself and others. She will have to transform her mind and change behaviors that are deeply ingrained and internalized. She will need to return home and learn how to truly love her husband.

She will learn real love is often difficult; real love takes work, requires attention, dedication, requires inner work—requires her to work on herself and significantly transform her mind through her faith.

To learn how to really love takes a woman of courage, a woman who is willing to take a deep leap of faith and surrender herself to the only One who can ever save her … Jesus Christ.

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