A Good Wife Does Not Tear Her Husband Down

If you are so good at knowing all the aspects of your husband’s faults, but do not know any of your own, that’s a problem.

The reason women are so busy analyzing their husband’s poor traits is that they refuse to admit to their own need to change things about themselves.

Women spend their time relentlessly obsessing over things they think their husband’s need to do differently. I know just how it is because I used to be just like them.

I spent years wasting time trying to control the things my husband didn’t do to live up to my expectations. None of the things that I was doing changed him … not even pouting, yelling, or being miserable. None of it changed my marriage for the better, and only kept me chained to my destructive behaviors.

Nothing in my life changed, until I decided that I wanted to change. So, I finally stepped out in faith, studied the Bible, and began establishling my role as a godly wife. It wasn’t long before I realized that I wasn’t hyper-focused on my husband anymore. My attention turned towards God. I was finally in pursuit of my own role.

Changes began instantly, in both myself and my marriage. I was amazed God’s promises were actually working! I was fulfilled learning how to be a good wife and loving it! It was my true heart’s desire to finally please God and my husband.

I dropped the expectations of my husband to be someone other than who he was. I began learning to adapt to his personality and submitting to his authority. Even though this took complete trust in God at first, eventually my fears subsided, and I saw my husband for the man he truly was.

There was freedom in these changes that I made for both of us!

I accepted my husband for who he truly was and appreciated many things about him. I began showing him my admiration for his many good qualities.

I realized the huge mistake I made was believing things about him that were simply not true! I was so busy listening to my negative thoughts shouting at me that I was blinded from the truth about him being a good man.

Do yourselves a favor. Don’t continue to be this kind of woman who tears her husband down. Avoid the pitfalls that I fell into and be willing to do your part by learning to be a good wife.

Proverbs 14:1 — “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands.”

2 thoughts on “A Good Wife Does Not Tear Her Husband Down

  1. Hi Jenny,
    Love the blogs. Never thought of writing something to encourage you in continuing. You definitely have a gift for writing. Hope you keep it up. 😊
    I’ve shared with many so far.

    Liked by 1 person

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