There Is No Human Remedy To Change A Prodigal

It became evident to my husband that our situation was beyond human remedy. If something was going to change, it had to be caused by some kind of supernatural intervention. It had to be an act of God and God alone.

My state of rebellion, as a prodigal wife, had destroyed every aspect of trust in our marriage, and my husband was weary of trying to convince me not to pursue a life separate from him in the far country. We had been down every broken road, and I needed a new direction, but had no idea that I was only running from an inner battle of my own. Later on, I would finally turn to God and face the darkness inside of me that kept me running for so long.

Upon my departure, my husband’s back was up against a wall. He was desperate for the answers, but as he let go, he turned to God and began shedding his self-confidence. He knew he had done everything he could possibly do.

From a prodigal’s perspective, once he really let go, and I mean honestly and truly let go in his heart and soul, thereby trusting in God to meet all of his needs, something significant changed between us. I was no longer the center of his universe, where everything revolved around me. God would take His rightful place and his life would be filled with purpose and meaning with or without me. The shift of expectations led to the sense of freedom that we were both searching for. We did not have anymore pressures that were too heavy to uphold. We were both freed from the demands of fulfilling what only God could.

Do you see the point? Once my husband felt there was no way forward, like we were stuck in a realm of an impossible situation, he let go of his fears, and trusted God. He saw the circumstances, he saw my lack of interest in our family, and the lack of desire to be his wife, and despite all of his prayers, our marriage appeared to be dead, but he trusted in God explicitly to make the necessary changes within both of us.

Who else can relate to these circumstances where things appear to be dead, and there appears to be no hopeful signs of change in your prodigal?

You see your prodigal’s life, you see the consequences of sin, and when you’re brutally honest, you see no change. Maybe you’ve been waiting and praying for many years for your prodigal to return home and you’re feeling desperate too, but feeling desperate isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just like it was for my husband, it can be a step towards shedding off self-confidence and relying on God.

When a stander takes their focus off of their prodigal, God can help them to see Him so clearly that His promises are more real than the circumstances, and that is when a stander can truly let go, and give God all the glory, not because the circumstances have changed, but because their faith in Him has grown.

I can tell you from my experience, the change that occurred from my husband’s faith in God was the formula that brought me back home.

Don’t give up. With God there is always hope.

6 thoughts on “There Is No Human Remedy To Change A Prodigal

  1. Jennie, Thank You for your post, I have checked daily since I found your site. Did not see this on Saturday as I stayed busy the best I could just to pass the time. I have turned our situation over to God many times over the past months, only to realize I picked it back up. I am at the point of giving up, as I don’t see any change of heart. Most everything you said in the post is true to my situation. I just want to encourage you to keep posting as it does help others, even if they do not leave a reply.

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    1. Wow, thank you. I needed to hear this because not many people seem to comment or interact on my blog. I know there is a method to blogging. One day, I will figure it out. God bless you. I’m so glad that my story speaks directly to you.

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  2. Jenny,
    I find hope in reading your blog.
    I know God wanted me to read what you have to say. It really is eye opening and much of it explains to me why in such a storm I’m able to experience peace…it is the peace of God as I surrender everything to Him. I know God has told me “get out of the way! I got this!”.
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

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  3. Hi Jeannie,
    Your story sounds like mine, but it is my husband who is emotionally absent. It definitely was not always this way and I’ve had my fair share of responsibility in the damage done to my marriage. I now know that I am powerless to change things but God is all powerful and He is exactly what I need. He is exactly what our marriage needs. Please continue to testify. Your journey is helping me and I’m sure others as well.

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    1. Hi Lanle,
      Thank you so much for being transparent. It sounds like you are willing to see where you fell short on your end. There are so many women who are so busy looking at their husband’s faults that they fail to see their own. Being honest with ourselves is the only power we have to change both ourselves and possibly our marriages. Open communication is key if your husband is open to it. It’s good to begin with you trying to understand his needs first. Keep praying for the discernment to understand your husband. Thank you again for your feedback.


      1. Hi Jenny,
        I destroyed my marriage (because my husband was passive aggressive narcissistic) and was a believer, turned prodigal (alcoholic, both of us were physically & emotionally abusive, I threatened his life/business/called customers etc). I have repented when he left me for 35 days and tricked me taking off his phone number and now he is pushing for a divorce and committing adultery (he’s talking to someone, is not intimate with me, fornicating etc). He shared the news with his family whom his grandmother recently texted me telling me to get the divorce it won’t work too much damage etc. Makes me sad he told them when he was a very private person. He currently lives in the house (planning to move to another state next month😭😭😭💔), and I been TRYING to release this all to God and change and its been so hard. I feel pressure because I don’t have time. And he avoids me. He uses the phone in his truck or secretly downstairs in the garage, sleeps in another room and avoids me like the plague. I miss my Husband so much and love him. I am praying so hard. I know I need to trust God and I get caught up by the memory when my husband told me mean things. Also I been praying against this other person and Isaiah 54:14-17 to remove and severe any ungodly relationships in my husbands life. Please keep my husband in your prayers for deliverance. We were talking until I was mad he was secretly talking downstairs laughing and enjoying whoever it was and I got jealous and hurt because it’s not me I don’t ever hear from him. And he screamed at me and since then AVOIDS me like the plague. Why do you suppose he hides in his room until I go to my room and checks to see if my cars in the garage when he opens the garage door. And he’s using the phone 30 min at a time. I am heart broken. Abba Father please restore my marriage in Yeshua’s name. Amen.


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