A Prodigal Wife Who Finally Stops Running

I tried to run away from the problems I was having, but my story as a prodigal wife proves that we never really get away from things by running from them. The truth is that God’s plan continues to chase us, no matter how far we try to run, and the only way that we can be free is to stop trying to avoid God’s will and embrace it.

I was an example of a prodigal wife, just like so many others, who had run from my husband and abandoned my family for months at a time, just to fulfill my selfish desires. I was greatly deceived and believed that God was calling me to leave my family and pursue my “soul mate.” I kept running in the opposite direction of where God was calling me back home. I found myself in a very bad situation many times, and knew that I had invited misery into my life. I felt like Jonah who ran from God’s assignment, and ended up in the belly of a giant fish. I went through a very long and difficult time before I got a second chance to step in faith and make things right in my life.

I realized that something inside of me was not right and led me on a journey far away from the people that I once loved. The hurt that I caused them was far beyond any words that I could use to describe. I finally cried out to God for help and in response God gave me the same instructions that I had been avoiding to “go home.” But I simply could not imagine that I would end up back in the original place from where I tried to escape for so long!

The thought of going home seemed like it would only be going backwards, and into a life that would not fulfill me. I thought it was the life that I no longer wanted. I could not understand why God was leading me to go home. I could not see beyond the circumstances however, or the BIG PICTURE of what He had in store for us. Regardless of what I thought, I had come face-to-face with the miserable consequences of my choices. I knew that I needed to sacrifice and change things to the way God wanted them.

God kept reminding me of my vows to my husband, and the choice I made to be married “until death do us part” that I made long ago … I simply could not forget, no matter how hard I tried. I accepted the truth and knew deep in my heart that beyond all the pain in our lives, going back was where I belonged.

Even though I wrestled with what God wanted me to do because I thought I had many reasons not to go home, I was given a second chance to finally obey God and returned to my husband. There has been so much of God’s blessings over our marriage and family ever since that dreadful time in our lives.

I believe my story is a good example that proves running from God’s plan is never a good idea. The truth is, God’s plan continues to chase us, and until we surrender our lives to Him we will be miserable. When God calls us to do something, even if we think we have many reasons not to do it, we must be prompt to do it because there is so much blessing in following Him.

Even in hard times, offer God a sacrifice of thanksgiving and keep any vow or promise you have made to Him, and see what He will do!

“But (as for me), I will sacrifice to You With the voice of thanksgiving; I shall pay that which I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord” (Jonah 2:9).

6 thoughts on “A Prodigal Wife Who Finally Stops Running

  1. I have monitored your site daily since I found it, hoping you would post something new as I need encouragement . Thank you, this was very helpful for me going into the weekend. I don’t know which is harder, weekdays or weekends, they are all just Long Days.
    I have read all of your post on here and some of them multiple times.
    Thank You for Following the Lords leading to share your story.

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. It is so wonderful to know that sharing my story gives other people such hope. I am so grateful that my husband found inner strength from the Lord to be able to stand for our marriage, no matter what the circumstances were. I know the days were hard on him too, but the strength that he drew from the Lord was the strength that I needed to come back home to. God bless you and your family. I pray that God continues to uphold you in magnificent ways.


  2. Very painful to read your story. Certainly, it is well done, and the conclusion that following God’s plan for our lives is the right one, but — oh, how true it is — the hurt we cause loved ones when we fail to obey the Lord. In my own journey, I hurt people before I knew the Lord. My sense is that you knew Him when you went through your Jonah moments. Either way, we can’t undo the hurt; we can continue to pray for healing and show our loved ones we recognize our error and we’re not going to repeat it. God bless you as you continue to heal with your husband and family.

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    1. Thank you so much for responding to my blog in such a positive way. You certainly understand that repentance is really the only thing that ever changes anything. My husband and I were able to rebuild trust and heal together from our difficult past. Our relationship has grown in leaps and bounds since that dreadful time in our lives. We are two completely different people today then we were back then, so there is no reason to ever look back. We cherish our marriage and our relationship with God and He is doing wonderful things in our lives because of it. I hope that sharing my story gives others great hope for the restoration of their covenant marriage and that they can heal from such devastating circumstances too. God bless you and your family as well and thank you for joining my journey on Heart of a Wife.

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  3. Thank you for your testimony, so hopeful!
    I would like to hear more about the rebuilt of trust and healing together. My husband and I are stucking there ….. and I see thing going worse! how me as prodigal should behave for the restoration of our covenant.

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    1. When I went back home to my husband, I knew that I had heard from God that this is where he wanted me.

      My faith in God and in his Word (in the Bible) was the most important way to begin the process of being grounded and stable within myself and my marriage.

      God’s promise of restoration to my marriage gave me unshakable hope to never give up even during our struggles.

      My faith led to actions that proved my commitment of love for my husband until death do us part. This is what ultimately began rebuilding his trust in me again.


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