Never Let Anyone Come Between You And Your Husband

There will always be people that will try to cause trouble between you and your husband. They’ll try to destroy everything you’ve both worked so hard to have in your relationship. Some of these people who will try to come between both of you are especially those who are jealous, or simply do not respect the sacredness of a covenant marriage. We must always be on guard because division sowers can say and do things to try to destroy your marriage that may seem very subtle at first, but it is our job as believers to always be on alert, and discern the spirit of deception that comes in disguise.

Don’t let third parties into your marriage and place seeds of doubt in your mind by talking negatively about your husband, or by coming against him by criticizing him, or undermining the decisions he’s ultimately made for your family’s well-being.

Defend your husband when someone tries to tear him down! It will shut that evil spirit up, and it will flee from trying to destroy your home.

Protect your marriage from intruders.

Do not allow anyone into your life that will even try to insinuate that your willingness to submit to your husband’s leadership is wrong, or put shame on you, and act like your traditional values are without merit.

It is vital for both you and your husband to be rock solid and remain in agreement with God, and one another, so that no one will ever question whose side you are both on.

Place a high value on your marriage so that you will grow in harmony, and other influences will not lead you astray and take over.

Invest in your marriage and spend quality time together, make extra efforts, and sacrifice to protect your marriage.

Study the Word of God together, and pray in agreement together. Stay emotionally, spiritually, and physically connected with your husband.

Be on the same page and support each other. Dream of the future together and set common goals.

Be in agreement with your values and belief systems. Create order in your home by understanding how God designed both of you, and your relationship as husband and wife.

It is essential for those who have tried to drive a wedge into your marriage to know that God has joined you together and His power is much greater. They may come to understand there is a bond on a much deeper level, and that there is a spiritual anointing on your marriage that can never be dissolved as long as you are both living. They may also come to understand your love for one another is holy and sacred … and there is no room for anyone to come between you.

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate” (Matthew 19:6).

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