The Prodigal Wife

I will never forget the day I arrived back home. As my husband led me through the front door, colorful balloons and handmade signs adorned the living room wall. That moment of sheer surprise will be forever etched in my mind.

I envisioned my husband preparing and celebrating for several days, before I ever stepped foot inside the door. I could see the joy of his anticipation shine through the wonderful colors that burst from the words, “Welcome Home!” I took in the familiar surroundings, and noticed the comforts that I longed for.

I wasn’t gone but for a short time. It was several months after intense godly counsel, repentance, and seeking forgiveness that I knew it was finally time to come home. I was returning home to my marriage and to my family. This time however, I was a different woman and my husband knew without a doubt this was the moment he patiently awaited. It was the moment he dreamed of and never stopped praying for.

I had realized the foolishness in my actions and most importantly, I had realized that I was absolutely nothing without God.

The worst part was that I had chosen to flee from my responsibilities as a wife and a mother for the second time. Finally, I was tired of chasing after the wind and living in sin. I was tired of believing in lies that led me astray. The ones that kept me in a far away land chasing after my own selfish desires.

For years, my marriage was under attack and we had drifted far apart, but instead of choosing to fight for my marriage, I selfishly opted for what looked like the easiest way out. I had chosen to take the road that I convinced myself would “lead to a better life” but was so very wrong!

While I was gone, I kept remembering that very moment in the airport when my husband had hugged me for the last time, and said goodbye. I instantly felt something tear me up inside. This was that real moment of truth. It was the one that I dreamed of, and pictured nothing but freedom in my mind, but when he looked me in the eyes, and mustered up a smile, something deep inside of me wanted him to never let go. As he turned away, and slowly disappeared into the background, I quickly buried that painful moment, hoping eventually it would subside.

As the months past without him, I found myself living out the life of the parable, the prodigal son. You see, his discontentment had led him straight to a life of coveting and wanting more. Just like that prodigal son, I set out to seek a life of fulfilling my own self centered pleasures … But then there was God, constantly reminding me of how much better my life would be back home with my husband.

During this process it was an awakening for me, and I wondered what I had become… But then God! He was there all the while, and the words “Go Home” kept resounding in my ears becoming more and more convicting each time. For some reason, even though I fought the words, the louder and more clear they were … “GO HOME!”

Something miraculous began changing in my heart, and I began to think about how much pain and deep anguish that I caused my family for so long. Suddenly the focus wasn’t only on myself, but on how my choices had affected them.

After considering the anguish they must have felt, I wanted to make a genuine change in myself. I prayed that God would change my heart and mind. Sure enough, He did.

This was it, the final breakthrough! I wanted my family back and nothing else!

After several months of separation from my husband, all it took was one miraculous phone call of sharing how I genuinely wanted nothing more than to love him for the rest of my life! There was no hesitation before my husband spread the news that his bride was finally coming home!

“Welcome Home” was a true sign that he graciously opened the doors to his heart, without harsh judgement or anger. This man of mine had kept his word which was “for better or for worse” and truly loved me through it all.

Are you like my husband and have found yourself with a prodigal wife or are you a wife Standing for a prodigal husband in a covenant marriage? Maybe you feel like you are barely holding on, as you cry out to God to heal your marriage and bring them back home.

I am here to tell you that our story of marriage restoration can be yours too.

God has sent me here to share this love story with you to give you hope. So, keep praying, keep Standing, and never give up! Surround yourself with godly people who believe that marriage is for a lifetime and will encourage you to hold on. Your prodigal may be coming back home.

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