How Families Are Overcoming The Effects Of The Coronavirus

As I had walked down the quiet streets of the quaint town in which I live, I noticed that although the homes were meticulously manicured on the outside, there was a dark and empty presence on the inside. They appeared to be as the empty shell of what once was created for the keeper at home. I imagined at one time, long ago, that she was there to fill her home with the smell of fresh apple pie, and a warmth within her spirit that spread joy to her family. She knew who she was in Christ. Her home was her stomping ground, one in which she never took her eyes off of to enjoy the many blessings that surrounded her.

I always wondered why any woman who could be at home with her family, would choose not to be. Over the years, as I walked down the streets, I felt the isolation of the homes speaking out to me. It echoed of what once was a woman’s place to truly call home. The lonely cries from what stood, were filled with nothing but a vacant, lonely sound that was deafening.

Today, with everything laid heavily upon us, it seems the world stopped turning. Many have been struck with the world’s idea of fear and panic, but in the midst of the storm, and the reality of quarantining, I began noticing there was the sense of joy in families being back in their homes. I honestly saw nothing but sheer joy on their faces. It felt like a time warp, like everything stood still in this bubble, and yet, what stood before my very own eyes, was a display of the way things used to be. I was simply astounded, as I witnessed families filling their homes, enjoying one another in a way that I’ve been longing to see.

The streets were filled with the sounds of children’s laughter, and as they chased their big bouncy colorful balls, following closely behind, were the dogs just wondering if they’d get in on all the action. It seemed they all played together … as if it were the last day here on earth. I watched in wonder, seeing many husbands and wives, walking down the streets together, holding hands. It was like all their problems just suddenly disappeared, and hadn’t a care in the world.

I stopped for a moment to take it all in. I took a deep breath and smelled the aromas of decadent foods seeping out from the kitchen windows. For many, it was going to be a dinnertime, unlike ever before … and was a memory in the making that would not be forgotten. Amidst the darkness of the world, there was finally a light inside of many homes. As I continued to walk further past them, I saw shadows through the windows. They were the shadows of family, gathering around the dinner table, and the sounds of sharing whatever was upon their hearts.

I knew that some who were experiencing this wonder, would also notice the love of God, and will finally have something incredibly profound left deep within their hearts. The ones who have eyes to see, and ears to hear, will know deep down that the simplicity of family life was “The Way” they dreamed it to be all along.

I came home from my walk a completely different woman. My heart was nourished by the simple joys of life, in a time where most everything else in the world appeared to be falling apart. My spirit was filled with a new hope, just knowing that even in the darkest valleys, God works all things together for good for those who love Him, and are called according to His purpose … And oh, what a wonderful life it is!

God Bless.

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