When A Husband Is The Brunt Of A Wife’s Moodiness

There is practically nothing worse for a husband than when his wife has unpredictable mood swings because of her miserable thoughts about her life with him. Why doesn’t this woman take responsibility for her own life? She is to be a perfectly content wife as God commands, and not have an entitled attitude that she deserves more from him.

I used to be this woman, and I know how miserable it is to be like her. I’ve dealt with mood swings, where one day they would cause me to be sarcastic and cut my husband down, and on other days, I would be so worked up in a fit of anger that if he dared to look at me the wrong way, I would want to jump down his throat.

In most cases, mood swings stem from the way we think about things, including the way we think about our husbands. There is hope however, just knowing that we can change the way we think by studying the Word of God and renewing our minds. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 4:23 “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.” What we think in our hearts drives how we feel. When we actually change our thinking, we can change the way we respond to our husbands to help make us more stable from day to day.

No matter if we have hormonal imbalances, or not, there is never any excuse for lashing out at our husbands. We are always responsible for our own actions. I know that in my personal experience, when I wasn’t feeling well, I reacted negatively towards my husband, and it never helped me feel any better. As a matter of fact, it only worsened my state of personal being, as well as my relationship with my husband. Was my grouchy behavior towards my husband helping me to feel better and grow closer to my husband? Definitely not!

Sometimes, we do have legitimate reasons to discuss a problem, at which point we are responsible to express the issue at hand with our husband. It is never good to avoid addressing something that we have prayed upon, and have been prompted to discuss, to gain better understanding of one another.

I have learned that it isn’t fair to make our husbands try to guess how we are genuinely feeling, especially when we honestly believe they’ve done something that may have caused disharmony. It is only fair to give them a chance to explain their side properly, and apologize if necessary, but the rest is up to them because we cannot control our husbands and make them do anything.

Regardless, we must choose to think the best about our husbands, and always give them the benefit of the doubt. Instead of assuming that we know their side of the story in our own minds, we must communicate in a respectful manner with truth and love. Otherwise, we are likely to allow our imagination to run wild with negative scenarios, and say something in a fit of irritable moodiness. God has given us the spirit of self-control, and we should know when to zip our lip, and be quiet, before we say things we may regret later on.

2 thoughts on “When A Husband Is The Brunt Of A Wife’s Moodiness

  1. Great insight, but what if it’s the husband being moody, I could use some insight as to how a Christian wife handles the moodiness of her Christian husband.


    1. You cannot change his choice to be moody, but as his wife, you can anticipate his basic needs, and do your best to show an interest in them. After so many years together, I have learned what my husband likes and dislikes, so I do my best to do the things he likes. 🙂


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