A Nagging Wife Is Like The Dripping Of A leaky Roof

If we continually ask our husbands to do something that we have already asked in the past, they will often consider it nagging.

I know how unpleasant it can be when we ask our husbands to do something and they ignore our request, but there usually are factors behind this that we often don’t consider.

For example, they may have many other priorities, or they may not have the finances. They may consider it to be an unnecessary request, unrealstic, poor timing, or they may feel overwhelmed with many of our previous requests. They may need a break from constant responsibilities, or may be tired from working so hard to provide while feeling unappreciated.

Regardless of their reasons, and whether or not we agree with them, we must trust in God’s divine order to allow our husbands to lead us. No matter how hard we have to bite our tongue to remain quiet, it is especially imperative to remain faithful when it appears they lack initiative to honor our requests. Even if we have to allow the roof to practically fall down (which rarely happens) rather than nag them, this is what we must do out of obedience, instead of being contentious wives.

We must also ask ourselves if it is just our own fear of their ‘inadequate’ leadership that leads us to feel the insatiable need to nag in an attempt to control our husbands. This attitude will more than likely backfire, and only drive them further away. It is disrespectful to usurp authority, and wrestle with their masculine quality to provide leadership. When we refuse to consider our husband’s basic need for respect and leadership, we are discouraging their initiative to do anything we ask. God designed them to be leaders, so let us be careful not to undermine his perfect design.

“A nagging wife is like the dripping of a leaky roof in a rainstorm.
Stopping her is like trying to stop the wind.
It’s like trying to grab olive oil with your hand.”

Proverbs 25:15-16.

One thought on “A Nagging Wife Is Like The Dripping Of A leaky Roof

  1. Nagging is not just asking the same thing over and over – it is also criticising, complaining, finding fault, and making constant trivial requests (usually out of a negative attitude based on always seeing the worst).

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