Why Are Husbands Being Abandoned?

I do not believe in divorce. I believe God wants marriages to stay together and that he provides an answer to the most difficult of situations. If we begin to view marriage as a permanent covenant with God, we will begin to see that there is always a way out of our troubles.

God’s plan for marriage is a covenant between husband and wife to last a lifetime. Keeping this in mind, we need only to examine ourselves as wives and be accountable for our own behaviors.

Marriage is not always a two way street and neither is Christ’s relationship with the church. Just as our relationship with Jesus is often broken … yet His love for us remains.

Marriage is created in the image of Christ and his bride in a relationship of unconditional love. It is in this example of love that we are able to properly relate to our husbands .. but instead, so many women want to blame their husbands for all of the problems, rather than asking themselves what they can do to be more Christlike.

I don’t recall anywhere in the Bible where Jesus blames anyone for mistreating Him, rather He consistently displays mercy, forgiveness, and a desire to help people find His fathers love and blessings.

As it says in 1 Peter 3:1-6, wives can win their husbands over without a word by their submissive and gentle behavior … but many women that are not willing to change their own behaviors, and strive to change their husbands instead, are the ones who are making a grave mistake.

Women who convince themselves the grass is greener on the other side with a different husband, will only repeat the the same old mistakes as with the first husband. They wonder why after several marriages, they are troubled by the same problems over and over again.

God’s commands are very profound in revealing the deeper issues in our hearts, but some women refuse to see themselves honestly. Rather than dealing with the root of the issues inside themselves, they continue to blame their husbands for their discontentment. They are all together missing that we are to be judging ourselves, and not judging whether our husbands are living up to the golden standard.

There isn’t a man out there who doesn’t have flaws. Mr. Perfect doesn’t exist. Hence, we must admit there isn’t any marriage that has a chance of healing, if we as wives continue in the same behaviors that are breaking them.

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