A Wife Who Refused To Submit

I had a woman tell me how disgusted she was with her husband because in her opinion he doesn’t make enough money to provide for her adequately. For as long as they’ve been married she has never regarded his opinions, she’s overruled his decisions, and has had to be in control of everything including their kids.

She has made many major decisions without deferring to his leadership, bringing them into financial ruin. This included buying an expensive house, gutting out every inch of it, and decorating it lavishly just to keep up with the Kardashians. She has bought expensive cars and every year has taken vacations to Europe and the Caribbean.

Now she seems to have plenty of excuses to go back to work and leave her kids for over 60 hours a week. It is obvious that she has disrespected her husband, and therefore, he has not had the support of his leadership to ever become proficient at it. Her famous words are ” He cant do anything right. He’s such an idiot.”

Meanwhile, she complains she is heavily burdened and exhausted. Her house is a cluttered mess, and what was once new and beautiful looks like a complete garbage dump. She has complained about him and her opinions of his inadequacies for so many years … and yet refuses to admit to the mess she has created.

She has done such a good job of convincing herself that she is blameless and he is worthless. The ironic part is that she is the foolish one who has torn her own house down and has concluded that the only solution is to divorce him. This is the sad story of so many rebellious women who do not take God’s order of things seriously and manages to singlehandedly destroy their own families.

Mark 3:25, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

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