How To Make Your Husband Feel Like A Man

A submissive wife understands her husband is hard-wired to lead and protect her. She knows submission is the most precious gift she can give to him. Her compatible nature makes him feel like he’s the ultimate man for her. She proves that she looks up to him, and values his decisions, just by the way she shows a genuine interest in his preferences.

Her keen ears are tuned into his cues for the significance he needs like oxygen. He is not controlling, demanding, manipulating, or persuasive. His subtle approach in communicating his needs is a sign she yields to him submissively. There is no need for him to fight for authority.

Once she is certain of who she is in Christ, submitting to her man is something she looks forward to everyday in life. She is amazed how fulfilled she has become in this godly role, as she joyfully brings peace and order to their home. She has pondered the Bible verses directed towards her as a wife, and faithfully steps out in faith with these virtues. She knows a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband and she aspires to be a noble woman of good character.

Her respectful and welcoming spirit makes him feel like he’s no stranger in his own home. She is stable with her emotions. She has mastered self-control. She makes wise and rational decisions, knowing exactly what will please him. She is frugal, watching how she spends money, and sticks to the allowed budget he has provided.

Her home is neat and tidy. She is resourceful and has gracefully tapped into her true nature as the keeper at home. She doesn’t have a resentful and discontented soul. He knows she will not bring him grief. She looks to serve him like a king.

She is quickened by the Holy Spirit and examines herself closely, knowing that all of her words and actions begin with her thoughts. Such a woman takes every negative thought captive and replaces it by focusing on her husband’s good qualities. She listens carefully to every word in her mind before she opens her mouth, preventing her from saying something distasteful. She makes sure she builds him up and praises him.

A submissive wife knows how to get out of her husband’s way to lead her. She has learned to step back and trust his judgement, finally finding herself in this heavenly place where he loves and cherishes her.

14 thoughts on “How To Make Your Husband Feel Like A Man

      1. One last question lol. What if your husband is asking you to do something sexually that isn’t necessarily a sin but you’re not comfortable with do you still obey?


    1. I guess the last post was too blunt sorry. But I’m confused should a wife submit if he insists? I know he shouldn’t but what if he does keep insisting. His pleasure over being uncomfortable from a biblical point of view?


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