Nitpicking on Your Husband is Damaging Your Marriage

It can be easy to criticize every aspect of your husband, but this type of criticism does not build a strong foundation in your relationship.

Wives who nitpick on their husband for petty issues must have nothing else to do. They pick apart aspects of them that they dislike or don’t agree with, often much to their own annoyance. They continue to nitpick and grow resentment, creating walls between them. When they point out what their husband has or hasn’t done or how they said or did something wrong, they may be belittling, embarrassing, and demeaning them. They are also saying that they want them to change and that they aren’t good enough.

Essentially, nitpicking is a sign that they don’t fully respect their husband.

Wives are supposed to serve the Lord with well defined purpose. They should have plenty of better things on their to-do list than being critical and focusing on their husband’s flaws.

Rather than nitpick on their husband, they could find any number of other things they should be doing and be much happier in the long run.

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