A Husband’s Failure to Fulfill Expectations

Resentment does not just happen because of the things our husband doesn’t do for us. Resentment is an attitude problem that begins with our thoughts and poisons our hearts. It is a choice to become resentful, and it is never our husband’s fault when we choose to have an attitude problem.

Expecting our husbands to behave the way we want them to does not guarantee they will do whatever we want. What happens if they have no interest in living up to our expectations? Do we set ourselves up for dissappointment and become resentful because they failed to do what we expected? It is even worse when we try to manipulate them into fulfilling our own desired outcome. Expectations in themselves are a part of life, but where we fail ourselves is expecting others to live up to our own personal standards.

It is the unspoken expectations that are almost guaranteed to go unfulfilled. We must not expect anyone to know exactly what we want without expressing it, but we must communicate the things we need from one another without placing demands.

It is unrealistic to think that merely communicating our expectations clearly is going to get our husbands to behave the way we want them to. It is also unrealistic to believe that they will live up to our desires all of the time. When we expect them to act in ways that are not consistent with their personal interests, they may resist our expectations.

A husband’s failure to fulfill expectations often leads many wives to turn to disappointment and resentment.

We must understand it is our role in any issue that we are having to take responsibility for our own behavior and accept the things about them that we cannot change. We should accept the outcome of these issues that we may have without trying to force them to change.

Regardless of the different type of things we are hoping for from our loved ones, we cannot pin all our hopes of happiness on fulfilled expectations from them. We need to let go of expectations and find something to be grateful about.

Even when things do not turn out exactly the way we expected, we must continuously put our hope in God to meet all of our needs. He is able to do way more than we could ever even imagine!

2 thoughts on “A Husband’s Failure to Fulfill Expectations

  1. Very well stated. We all are responsible for our actions. Women often are discouraged when their husbands are not attentive enough, and the husbands often feel they are honoring their wives through their work and financial support. So much heartache in so many homes when the couple fails to communicate properly. One reason for that (imho) is that women and men are designed to view the world differently. May God continue to bless your ministry.

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