Why Is It Important To Take Our Husband’s Advice?

I’d roll my eyes and throw my hands up. I was so hardheaded that accepting any advice from my husband was out of the question in my mind. I would murmur under my breath, “He has no right to advise me on how to live my life!” Before I knew it the harsh words were flying right out of my mouth. “Don’t tell me what to do!” “I don’t go for that!” “Just who do you think you are telling me what to do anyway?” Stomp, stomp, stomp, and off I went with an ugly, angry attitude.

The rest of the day would be filled with nothing more than my mind replaying how much I resented him for trying to tell me what to do. Over and over, I was screaming on the inside and eventually the continual conflict wore me out. I was good for nothing by this point. My day was shot.

I was indeed the most rebellious wife on the planet, of course this being only one example of just how much disregard I had for my husband. Eventually, there was not one ounce of respect left inside of me to ever submit to anything my husband tried to lead me to do. One disrespectful thought at a time led me to resent anything he had to say to me. I wanted nothing to do with submitting to his leadership. I pretty much felt like he was as incapable of leading me, as he was at leading an army of ants.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Have I described the very heart of who you have allowed yourself to become as a wife? I would imagine that for many of you, I have.

I’m sure for many women out there this scenario that I have described is so much a part of who they are, and when everything in their marriage has fallen apart, they are left wondering how in the world they even got there?

If you are this kind of a woman, I understand how you got there? I had become the ice queen of the year and this was when everything in my marriage came tumbling down. My marriage was nonexistent and on the brink of divorce too. I lost my identity and hadn’t a clue who I was anymore. I was outright miserable with myself and wanted to know why. I knew my heart was broken, but time and time again, I blamed it on my husband.

I hit rock bottom and there was no way out other than to see myself. This was the turning point in my life. My way wasn’t working. I knew I had to turn my life over to God and do things His way, not mine. Yes, this was a moment of total breakdown. It was when everything in my life had shattered around me. My marriage, my children, and my own personal life inside of me were altogether completely broken. I had to cry out to God and humble myself to admit that I was falling short as a woman of God. I felt heartless and I could no longer hide it.

Where do we even begin to change our lives when the pile of broken pieces are so high it seems insurmountable. How do we mend our broken hearts back together again when it seems so hopeless, overwhelming and impossible to ever sift through all the problems? Most of all, how do we understand just how important it is to submit to our husbands authority and do something that seems so impossible to us as taking our husbands advice?

One thing I can say for sure is that it is impossible to solve any of our problems without God, simply impossible, and yes He wants us to know just how much we cannot do things on our own. Unfortunately, for many of us we have to come to the end of our rope to finally humble ourselves before the Lord. However, the good news is that there is the Good News… the Gospel. This is the very best counsel there is for any problem in life.

Cheer up! There is no problem in life that is too big for God. We may have spent most of our lives struggling until now, but our problems are not unbeatable with the power of Christ inside of us. Once we take a deep hard look at ourselves honestly, and repent for our sins, we realize there is living God on the inside of us who wants us to be our best!

There are really no words to describe how in just a matter of seconds everything about the way we see ourselves can change when we open our hearts and trust in Him. He will give us more hope to be the kind of wife our husband had always dreamed we’d be.

This is the moment when everything in our hearts begin to mend, when our lives become fulfilling and our marriages can be restored once again. This is when we begin to understand who we really are as women in the eyes of God and when we understand there is no need to fear anything. Our hearts can begin to soften, as respect for our husband bubbles up again, and as we become free to submit to a God who is so loving, everything about who we are on the inside changes.

This completely transformed woman shows reverence for her husband’s good advice and becomes beautiful in the sight of God…

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