Even Little Gestures Of Love Can Save Marriages

One by one, the negative things began to add up. I always belittled anything my husband ever did. I never respected any of his ideas. I shot him down with total disregard. In my eyes, there wasn’t anything that he could ever do right.

It’s embarrassing to admit this … but I wouldn’t even let him do something as simple as hang a picture on the wall. It was the small issues such as this example that I thought were so harmless, but they began eroding away our marriage. I was like the foolish woman in Proverbs 14:1 who tore her house down with her own hands. Yes, that was me alright.

No matter what he did or didn’t do, I fought him with hurtful words that I could never take back. Slowly but surely, my words were destroying my family’s lives.

I realized that we couldn’t go on the way things were. It was just foolishness to believe that we would not eventually lose this battle, because it was a sin to live in a constant state of strife.

It finally came to me one day. This wasn’t the kind of life that I dreamed of having, and I had to change my selfish attitude. I turned to God with such shame inside, and I knew it was tearing me apart. I cried out to God for help to restore my broken heart, and to renew my mind. Over the years, He renewed my mind and gave me a heart filled with love. I saw things in a completely different light.

Well, my husband finally hung all those pictures that he liked. But this time, I didn’t put up a fight. I put my arm around him and admired the pictures for awhile. The look on his face was completely priceless! I turned to him and told him how great they looked, he then offered me a gentle smile. I knew right then and there that our lives together were changing for the better.

It is amazing how even the little things we choose to sprinkle with love can turn everything around … and how even the little gestures of love for one another can restore our marriages. 💕

One thought on “Even Little Gestures Of Love Can Save Marriages

  1. Such love and honesty here! Love your heart! Your hubby is going to respond and rise to the wonderful spirit leader you are praying (and speaking) him on to be!! Much love to you! ❤

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