The Enemy Has Deceived Your Prodigal

More than likely your prodigal has said things like. “they do not love you anymore, they are leaving you, and are never coming back home.”

Recognize what your prodigal says isn’t really your prodigal, but the enemy who has temporarily deceived your prodigal.

I can remember the day when I looked at my husband, there was firing rage welling up from inside of me, and anger was about to rear it’s ugly head, but my husband continued talking to me, expressing how he felt about divorce. He was saying to me that divorce would never solve any of the problems in our lives we were confronted with, and our marriage was a covenant that couldn’t be broken. He repeated the scripture throughout the conversation, “What God joined together, let no one separate” (Mark 10:9) and that God was a witness on our wedding day, and heard our vows to love one another, until death.

The more my husband spoke of hating divorce, the more I could feel the rage building. I felt imprisoned and needed a way out of this feeling inside of me, quickly! My mind was filled with so many reasons to pursue a divorce and the pressure to do it felt unbearable. As my husband sat more closely speaking the truth, I yelled out with a deep growling voice to him, but, “I don’t love you!” “I’m leaving you!” “ I want a divorce!” He stared at me in silence for a moment, and I would never forget what he said next. I felt him move even closer, and as he looked into my eyes he whispered “That wasn’t you saying that you don’t love me.” “I know you, and when I looked deep into your eyes, it wasn’t you looking back at me.” I sat still, like I was frozen, and wondered if he was right, but was so desperate for a sense of freedom that I couldn’t make sense of my own feelings anymore.

I know my husband was in fervent prayer during this time. He honestly had no clue what I would do next, but he was wise to the fact that my supposed “freedom” was the only thing I was after, so he loosened the reigns, and made a deal with me. He said, “If you still want to pursue a divorce (which God is not in agreement with for any reason, and neither am I) then you can finalize your decision to do so in one year from now. I can remember the sudden feeling of relief that came rushing in, but to my surprise, the relief was only temporary. A quick feeling of fear made its way into my soul when I thought of making this life changing decision that no one else agreed with. Somewhere deep inside, I knew that I was just taking the “easy way out.” Somewhere in the pit of my stomach, I felt like a loser, but the next thing that I said to him was, “OK!” “One year, then I’m done!” I thought to myself, “At least we we were in agreement about something, finally,” It never even dawned on me that this was all a part of God’s plan to keep me from running, even further.

I know now when I look back however, something inside of me changed that day when he called my bluff. He knew by the look in my eyes that deep down it wasn’t really me that wanted the divorce, but was the enemy looking to destroy us. God revealed to my husband that it was the great pretender he needed to challenge to finally show its face. It was the enemy’s aim to bluff and intimidate him to fall for his schemes, but on this day, my husband let this evil spirit know he was not about to quit on the woman he loved. He was finally forcing the enemy to show his cards, because by the look in my eyes, he knew he was nothing but a fake and a liar, and was fully aware that with Gods promises he would win this battle.

One year later, I never went ahead with the divorce. Instead, I came back came home, remembering that day my husband looked into my eyes, and as his words rang truth. I knew it was not really me that day saying, “ I didn’t love him.” I was finally freed from the grips of the enemy because of my husband’s faithfulness

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