Nothing Is Too Hard For God

When I look back, I am ever so grateful for my husband’s Stand. During that time in our lives however, I absolutely despised him for it. My mind was so set that we were done. For me, our marriage was over, but his faith told a different story …

His vision of our future was to grow old together and live happily ever after. It was a dream that he was not willing to let go of. No matter what the circumstances were, he was going to hold on, and never give up on the hope of our marriage being restored.

However, marriage restoration was the absolute last thing that I wanted because I no longer had hope in “us”. My husband knew better … his hope was in the Lord.

By this point, I was angry! I thought he was just trying to ruin my life and steal my future of happiness and joy. I resented that he wouldn’t just give up on me and move on with his life. I wanted a release from this prison that felt as if it were suffocating my soul. I wanted closure, so that I could stop the pain, leave the past behind me, pick up the pieces, and start over again with a new life.

Despite my lack of faith, my husband saw a different outcome than what I was proclaiming all along.

He believed God for me to come home.

He mastered a great test of faith. He stood fast, hoped against hope, believed beyond belief, and rarely wavered. Deep down he believed what the final outcome of the situation was going to be. He did all of the things a faithful man would do, but even along those faith-filled days, there were moments laced with the temptation to doubt in God’s promise. Nevertheless, his prayers kept him from completely falling.

He never grew bitter. He kept his heart clean and full of hope and joy in the Lord. He never once spoke of divorce or surrounded himself with people who would discourage him from what he wanted. He drew from the fact that God made a covenant between us and it was for life. He fought to keep his heart open, because this was the battle he was told to fight. He was told to be still, be patient, and await my return.

He was instructed over and over, to be patient for his loved one to return.

God promised him that He would be The One to change and transform me before his very eyes … And I would be a completely different person, and no longer deceived by lies.

He was The One that would win me back once again.

I would give myself up, be freed from captivity, and make the decision to return home.

As my husband sat patiently in the front row of the waiting room, he witnessed one of the greatest miracles of all … The return of a completely different woman and the kind of wife he was waiting for all along.

Even after everything I had done, after all the lines had been crossed, after all the things said and done .. all the things he never dreamed I would do … and even after all of the damage that nearly cost us everything,

Simply put …

Nothing is too hard for God.

Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?” – Jeremiah 32-27

2 thoughts on “Nothing Is Too Hard For God

  1. Awesome outcome. I’m in the same situation that your husband was in and am standing for our marriage and family. Praying constantly that the Lord will touch her heart and mind so we can have the marriage we always wanted. The Lord has really drawn me closer to Him than I have ever been. Thanks for your encouraging blog. Sincerely, Mike

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