Staying True To Ourselves

Many of us have the dream of marriage, to have a white picket fence, and a beautiful home to raise our families… and so we attained the dream, but over time, something in the overall picture was missing from our lives. It was always the mysterious case of missing many parts of ourselves, and there were days, where it may have seemed impossible to survive. Without any answers, the missing pieces had become a vacant hole within the depths of our unsatisfied and saddened souls.

For many of us, it seems we’ve been living underneath true consciousness. We were never really present, or in the moment of our lives. Time has quickly passed us by … it’s as if we were in a complete fog, distanced from ourselves, and living in some kind of a lie. Until one day, something brought to our attention a painful awareness of this void inside.

Maybe all along we have kept these feelings to ourselves, and shoved them deep into the back of our minds. We knew something profound in our hearts was missing … and we searched aimlessly for that appetite to be fed by our own selfish desires.

Oh, what a painful place this becomes, as we drench ourselves in the appetites of the forbidden fruits of the world. It is an insatiable thirst that can never be quenched by the sickness of our souls.

Maybe we have looked to our families to fulfill this discontented space, and are only stoking the flames that destroy the passion for living, and are left with our own regrets and mistakes.

One day turns into the next, and our lives become one long unending day, just barely getting by … wondering how we will ever survive.

Maybe we have been so busy living for others that we haven’t ever been true to ourselves.

I can completely attest to this.

Perhaps it is finally time to face the truth about the unhappiness in our lives.

So let’s stop making the same old excuses and face what we are secretly fearing about ourselves deep inside.

How about we stop doubting we aren’t ever enough?

Let’s stop living behind our relationships as an excuse to not live our own lives.

Let’s stop the impossible … like trying to satisfy others, until we are completely sick and tired.

And please … let’s stop apologizing for our own heart’s desires.

Let’s stop listening to the critical judgement and opinion of others, and stay true to ourselves.

Let’s make a stand and quit fearing that no one will accept us for who we truly are … and finally get real.

Let’s stop trying to control others, while losing sight of ourselves.

Let’s get rid of the old way of living … making everything else our idols, and believing in false Gods as our need for approval and survival.

Let’s get over thinking that everyone else needs to change… and begin to make the changes from deep within.

Let’s stop fearing that at the end of this race we will be nothing in comparison to everyone else!

Please, let’s stop waiting around for someone else to make our lives better and start improving ourselves.

The outcome of our future is in God’s hands, and victory is ours to keep with our faith in His plans.

I’m trusting you, O Lord. You are my God. My future is in your hands (Psalm 31:14-15) NLT.

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