How To Live A Life You Love – Part 2

You probably want to know more about how I found the answers to my unhappy dilemmas in life, so you can too. After searching aimlessly for my happiness, satisfaction, and personal fulfillment, I finally discovered every answer that had eluded me over the course of my life. The answers to all of my life’s uncertainties were found in the written promises from the Word of God.

Earlier in my life, I had prayed to God for the answers to my life, the life that I was really searching for, but was unaware at the time of the practical solutions to solve my problems. Many years later, as an answered prayer, I had a great mentor named Sammy Maloof who came into my life. He helped me to change everything about my life by applying the practical tools given throughout thousands of promises in the Bible. He enabled me to apply faith to my life with these basic principles.

I realized that God’s promises were made for me, and for all of us who believe in Him. These are provisions that promise more than we could ever imagine possible. All we need to do is step out in faith with God who surrounds us with a love that is infinite, and who already has SPECIFIC plans for each and every one of our lives.

God gives us directions throughout the Bible for a full and satisfying life. Our role is to align ourselves with that plan through obedience to receive the mysteries of what He has promised.

It is not possible to have satisfaction in our lives unless we search our hearts, and uncover what God graciously prompts from deep within us.

Where would anyone even dare to begin their first step in the journey of life’s personal fulfillment? Just where I did … with faith in God and His great promise … that he gives us the desires of our hearts. A God-centered life is a God-inspired life, which is filled with passion for what it is we love. After all, He is “The One” who knit us together in our mother’s womb, knowing every detail of our lives ahead of time.

For so many years of my life, I was lost without any direction. I was pretty much like a “goose in the fog.” No matter what I did, it never seemed to be the answer to my unfulfilled life. I knew deep down in the depths of my soul that there was something more for me to do than what I led myself to believe. I had all the reasons to believe that because of my disappointments in the past, I could search no more. I couldn’t stand the thought of one more heartbreak, and just another failed attempt to add to my list. I had given up on myself. Although I was a wife and a mother, I didn’t even live up to what I dreamed I would have been for my family. I became more disappointed in myself as the years went on, until I was given the wisdom to change.

God’s Will does not have an option plan. The choice is either to align ourselves with God’s plan or live unsatisfied.

It wasn’t until I aligned myself with everything that God instructed me to do that I found a life that I was satisfying to the core. When the desire to become a writer rose up from my heart, I knew that it was a buried dream that I could no longer deny. I didn’t have the education, the talent, or the experience to become a writer. The only difference between my life’s success and someone else’s life that remains lost is simply that I believed in the plan. I refused to allow any obstacles to stand in my way. I worked for years through the blood, sweat, and tears to be where I am today without breaking focus.

The difference is … winners do daily what losers refuse to do.

God’s plan is the blueprint for our lives … and the road to success. “For I know the plans and thoughts I have for you, says the Lord, plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). Yet, we search aimlessly and ask for people’s opinions as to what we should do with our lives. This is a big mistake! More than half the people out there haven’t a clue what they should be doing with their own lives. Why would we continue to ask for their advice when their lives are a facade, and a mere counterfeit, which keeps them in a pretend world of make-believe.

Without God at the core of us, there is no truth in the lives that we lead. The Bible says that apart from God we can do nothing.

We can begin to have personal fulfillment by taking one step at a time to change our lives. We can start to change our lives by changing our thoughts with God’s perspectives. This step is first and foremost. Our real lives are on the inside of us, and our behavior will follow whatever we are thinking about on a daily basis. We cannot change our lives without changing the way we think first. It’s that simple.

Change your thoughts and change your life!

We can also change with something small in the activities of our daily lives. Something as simple as cleaning out the clutter in your life can reveal some very profound things about your reasons for unhappiness. I began by realizing that having way too many pairs of shoes, and closets chuck full of clothes, was not the answer to my life’s fulfillment. The sad thing was that the more I filled my closets with clothes … the emptier I felt inside.

Buying material things does NOT fulfill our spirituality, which is at the heart of who we really are. Only God’s love can fulfill the deepest part of us. It became quite clear that God was not leading me to live my life in the pursuit of materialism anymore. I cleaned out my closets and donated a large portion of the clothes and shoes that I no longer needed.

Even though this example I am sharing was a small step of faith in order to begin to change, it was extremely rewarding for my personal fulfillment to be able to conquer my old ways of doing things. I needed to break the habit of excessively shopping in order to realize that I couldn’t buy my way to happiness. It was a place for a new beginning in one area of my life that led to many others, and can be for your life too … if you just take one small step of faith at a time to conquer your own mountain.

Our journey to a higher place ought not to be a sudden altitude change and a breathless gasp to the top of Mount Everest. Start small, knowing that the Lord rejoices in small beginnings seeing that the work in you has begun.

Soar to new heights … for a vision and a dream … where the expressions of your heart is a place to be free.

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