How To Live A Life You Love- Part 1

We can go through life making excuses for ourselves, or we can own up to the fact that we need to take responsibility for our own happiness and personal fulfillment.

What can we do to have personal fulfillment and happiness? Well… I am not a proclaimed expert, but I can share some key points and perspectives on how I changed my own life, even after nearly forty six years of suffering with emotional turmoil and depression.

In order to begin a life of personal fulfillment, we must first realize that if we are constantly waiting around for someone else to make us happy, we will never fulfill what’s inside of us. God has placed something inside each one of us to fulfill our own happiness. The key is to seek Him first for what it is that we are yearning for to fulfill our lives.

Even though changing our lives for the better can sometimes be a challenging task, diligently working towards a goal is a much wiser choice than living the same old … same old. Who wants life to be an old re-run of “Days of Our Lives” or a recording in your mind that is stuck on the same old sad song with a hopelessly unhappy ending?

Consider this friends … forget about the mistakes that you have made in the past, the time that you think you may have wasted, or the disappointments that you have had. From this day forward press toward the goal … for the prize of the upward call to accomplish the dreams in your heart.

For years, my life seemed hopeless, as I lived everyday in the drones of a monotonous life. A life that didn’t satisfy one iota of my aching soul. The choice to remain in a state of discontentment was just a way to busy my empty soul, and avoid the real problem … my fear of failure. It was a facade that kept me worthlessly occupied amongst my own self-pity, instead of believing that I had something powerful to offer the world.

There is nothing worse than a misguided search for happiness.

Sure, I tried desperately in the pursuit of happiness, only to come up disappointed every time. I searched the world’s ideas for my fulfillment, and was even more disappointed as the years went on.

If we are dissatisfied with our own lives (like I used to be) we negatively affect the lives of others, and live each day just to destroy not only our own lives, but everyone else’s around us too.

To begin to change our daily lives, we should always focus on setting our own personal goals to work towards and eventually accomplish. This keeps us focused on our visions, and moving in the right direction … for living on purpose.

The secret to your future is hidden in your daily habits. We can begin to discover this by allowing God to reveal what we are good at doing, our strengths, and what we enjoy doing in our daily routine that can be used to achieve our long term goals.

Our talents (the things we believe we are good at doing) are a gift given by God to use to serve others in some way. We all have something unique about ourselves, a one of a kind quality to offer the world as an expression of who we truly are.

News flash … other people are not the reason that our life isn’t what we dreamed it would be … it is not their fault we have lost sight of our dreams.

We can blame everyone else as an excuse for our unfulfilled lives … until we no longer have them in our lives as an excuse. More than likely, they have run for their lives because they no longer want the role of fulfilling the never-ending demands of our empty, sickened souls.

Sounds pretty far-fetched? Well, it’s not. My life was a perfect example of relationships that had cracked at the seams because of my own unhappiness. After all, my daughter had run away from home, and was nowhere to be found. My marriage was in complete shambles, and my life was lost … I was not even in close proximity to God’s radar.

Let me briefly explain something. I am not sharing my story as some kind of a sob story with the typical unhappy ending. I am sharing my journey as an exemplary road to success to help the lives of others who are suffering without any life changing solutions.

We need to finally wake-up to the harsh reality. Too many marriages end in divorce, and children are subject to our lack of fulfillment, unhappiness, inner battles, and conflicts amongst each other. This is a real tragedy for everyone involved.

In a research study of 180,000 American workers, it was found that 80 percent indicated a dislike for their jobs. What a sad statistic on a daily activity that is supposed to be something we love doing. The secret to happiness, success, satisfaction and personal fulfillment in our work is doing what we love to serve others.

The good news is that I have already done the ground work to help you have the opportunity to live the life you always dreamed of having, and build relationships that thrive. I have faced my own reality, have been enlightened by the truth … and changed my life. Today, I am a happy woman who has attained a life of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Therefore, I am passionate about sharing some key points as to how I achieved this in my life.

You may be asking yourselves by now, “What is the reality about my own life of discontentment, and how can I change?” I once asked myself the same question. The truth was that to change my life, I couldn’t deny my problems anymore, or settle for less than what my heart truly desired as a woman.

I was on a mission to uncover the hidden treasures deep within my soul, and discover my heart’s desires once and for all.

Quit denying the truth about your unsatisfied life, and take a courageous step of faith to change it … just one step at a time.


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